Works for Reunification
■ Pyungyang Theological College

The Pyungyang Theological College is an official educational institution to study theology and to train North Korean Christian leaders. Seobu Conference continually supports this college. The people on the picture are the new students in the 9th year of the college history.

■ Lecturing in Pyungyang Theological College

Seobu Conference gives lectures in the college twice a year.

■ Chilgol Church

This church is an legally allowed church as well as Bongsu church.

■ House Churches in North Korea

There are 500 house churches in North Korea. Seobu Conference visited some of them and worshipped together in each visit.

■ Wheat Flour and Milk Powder for North Koreans

The KMC has supplied North Koreans with wheat flour and milk powder. The sum of cost is 380 millions American dollars so far.

■ Planting the Church of Peaceful National Reunification

The church of Peaceful National Reunification (Pastor Kang, Chul Ho) was planted for North Korean refugees. About 80 church members are worshipping together in the church.

■ Baikdu Food

Founded for the self-independence of North Korean refugees, this food company encourages them to work and to settle down in South Korea. Baikdu Food produces Nulup Nangmyun(Traditional North Korean Noodle) and zzinppang(steamed bread).

■ Prayer Meeting in Mt. Kumkang

On the 15th June every year which is about the time of National Reunification week in the KMC, a prayer meeting on Mt. Kumkang have been held for peaceful national reunification.


■ International Forum for Peaceful Reunification in Korea

Being coherent with the subject of the 19th WMC, ‘Reconciliation’, the KMC held the first international forum for peaceful reunification in Korea titled ‘The Role of World Churches for Reconciliation in Korea’

■ Comparing Hymns and the Bible

By comparison and analysis of hymn book and the Bible of North and South Korea, the KMC is working on an unified hymn book and the newly translated Bible for Korean Christianity.

■ Re-establishing the Churches in North Korea

In order to rebuild 400 churches which were in North Korea and three province in north-eastern China, the churches in 22 districts in Seobu Conference are praying and raising fund.