Educational Ministries


works_img11■ National Children Football Party

This is a Children mission project to educate and to evangelize children. This football party is focused on Children rather than teachers, and attempts to free from the education for only exam and to learn about community. This could also be a chance to see their parents and to introduce the Christian Gospel.



works_img12■ Heemang Academy

Heemang Academy (Hope Academy) is a train program for sunday school teachers who can be happier in teaching. It is divided into three courses: basic, intermediate, and advanced. All of them are designed to improve teaching quality.



works_img13■ The Mission for School

For this mission, the KMC works with school ministers and religious education teachers to find out the future Methodists and seeks new ways of religious education with associated mission schools. At the present, Methodist School chaplains are working on 25 middle schools, 30 high schools, and 11 Universities.



works_img14■ Making World Peaceful for Youths

‘Wonderful Youths’ is a KMC corporation for youths in peace and social securty.



works_img15■ Korean Students in Overseas and International Exchange

For the future of Methodist laity, KOMESA has been held on some places in Europe. The KMC is also preparing an international exchange scheme with the United Methodist Church in America.



works_img16■ Discipleship and Bible Study

As one of the significant way reviving the church, ministers’Bible study program and discipleship training program are provided continually by theological and educational researchers.



works_img17■ Female Education

The KMC supplies various educational programs for improving female leadership and makes an effort to decrease sexual discrimination. Theological education course for the wives and partners of ministers are also provided.



works_img18■ Sandol School

Sandol School was founded as an alternative school for secondary education in 2003. The school located in Ipsuk Training Center is a boarding school as it has its own residence hall for 75 students and 12 teachers.



works_img19■ The Programs for The Aged

Concerning the increase of the aged in Korean society, the KMC manages the various programs to satisfy their social and spiritual demands and to improve their life.



works_img20■ Monthly Magazine ‘Faith and Education’

The journal for church education ‘Faith and Education’is published monthly. It contains academic works for Christian education of researchers, programs for church school education, teacher training resources, educational activities for age groups, and sermons for children.



works_img21■ Educational Textbooks for Each Generation

‘Zakggung(the closest friend) Jesus’ published in two different versions for nursery children and elementary school children includes Bible stories. It is designed to conjoin Service and Bible study. ‘Power Storm’ is a textbook for teaching the Bible to teenagers in church. It considers identity, culture and vision.

‘Bible and Life in Practice’ is a book for teachers of youths.
‘Faith and Life’ is the journal for the aged. And there are more textbooks and books for Bible study, Christian life for new comers, Bible class, Summer and Winter Bible School, and teacher training. Altogether, there are 60 kinds of Christian education textbooks which written by the board of Christian Education and published by the board of Communication and Publication.



■ Weekly Prayer Meeting Textbook

Korean Methodists have weekly Prayer Meetings to study the New Testament and the Old Testament by turn. Recently, Korean Methodists also read lectionary and remind the Sunday preaching in daily life. There are three kinds of weekly Prayer Meeting Textbook: members, leader, and guidebook for leaders.