Our Beleifs


Korean Creed, 1930


1. The fundamental principles of Christianity have been set forth at various times and in various forms in the historic creeds of the Church, and have been interpreted by Mr. Wesley in the Articles of Religion and in his Sermons and Notes on the New Testament. This evangelical faith is our heritage and glorious possession.


2. Upon those who desire to unite with us as members we impose no doctrinal test. Our main requirement is loyalty to Jesus Christ and a purpose to follow Him. With us, as with Mr. Wesley in the earliest General Rules of the United Societies, the conditions of membership are moral and spiritual rather than theological. As long as his character and his works approve themselves as consistent with true godliness, we sanction the fullest liberty of belief for the individual Christian.


3. It is fitting, however, that we should state the chief doctrines which are most surely believed among us.


  1. We believe in one God, Maker and ruler of all things, Father of all men; the source of all goodness, beauty, love.
  2. We believe in Jesus Christ, God manifest in the Flesh, our Teacher, the Example and Redeemer, the Savior of the world.
  3. We believe in the Holy Spirit, God present with us for guidance, for comfort, and for strength.
  4. We believe in the forgiveness of sins, in the life of love and prayer, in grace equal to every need.
  5. We believe in the word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments as the sufficient rule both of faith and practice.
  6. We believe in the Church as the fellowship for worship and for service of all who are united to the living Lord.
  7. We believe in the Kingdom of God as the divine rule in human society; and in the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.
  8. We believe in the final triumph of righteousness and in the life everlasting. To the extension of this Gospel of life, freedom, joy and power to all people and to realms of thought and action, our Church is consecrated. – In the First General Conference of the Korean Methodist Church, 1930

 Korean Creed, 1997


  1. We believe in one God, holy and loving Father, who creates, sustains and rules the whole creation in the universe.
  2. We believe in Jesus Christ, incarnated Word, our Redeemer and Savior who came to proclaim the Kingdom of God among us, crucified and died on the cross, resurrected and ascended into heaven.
  3. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and the Source of power who abides with us, making us regenerated, sanctified, and perfect.
  4. We believe in the Holy Scripture as the Word of God, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which leads the way to the true salvation and the sufficient standards of our life of faith.
  5. We believe in the calling of God to participate in God’s work of salvation by being forgiven and sanctified by the grace of God through our faith.
  6. We believe in the Church as one community, the body of Christ, for the purpose of worship and fellowship, education and service, and evangelism and mission.
  7. We believe in the fellowship of all humanity before God who works for the peace of the world by sharing justice and love through the proclamation of the Gospel.
  8. We believe in the Second Coming and the judgment of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of our body and eternal life, the final victory of righteousness, and the everlasting Kingdom of God. Amen. – In the General Conference of the Korean Methodist Church, 1997