Global Missions



■ The Growth of World Mission

The world mission of the KMC was rapidly developed after 100th anniversary of Korean Protestantism in 1985. The KMC is obliged to world mission as well as evengelization of Korea. The KMC dispatches about 40 missionary families to the world every year.


■ Korean Methodist Missionaries in the World

There are 701 Korean Methodist missionaries in 71 countries in the world. This amount will reach up to 1000 if the minsters in Korean Methodist churches in abroad are included. The 65 missionary supporting groups also take a great responsibility for world missions.


■ Planting Churches and Constructing Church Buildings

Hundreds of churches in Philipine and Indonesia are founded by the KMC. The KMC also helped to found the Russian, Cambodian, Bangladeshis, Rumanian, Thai, Mongolian, and Nepali Methodist Church


■ Training the Ministers from Mission Station and

Establishment of Theological Colleges
To rectify the problem of leadership of ministers in Asia and Africa, the KMC helped to set up the leadership programs and to found theological colleges.


■ Children Education and Medical Mission

The Hure University in Mongolia and Nashikawa Vision College in Fiji are founded and managed by the KMC; many nurseries and elementary schools in Kenya established by the KMC. The hospitals and medical practices in Paraguay, Nepal, and Egypt are established and managed by the KMC.


■ Bangladesh Social Service Project

The KMC organized a NGO, KDAB, in Bngladesh to lead the development for farming techniques, medical service, computer industry, apparel industry, music, and clinics for people with suffering Hansen’s disease.


■ Job Education in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the KMC established a Technical College for job education for Lai Ttaihan(the generation between Vietnam ladies and Korean soldiers). This project is welcomed by the Vietnamese government.


■ Heemang(Hope) Social Welfare Town in Nepal

This town is a representative Christian organization for social welfare in Nepal. With an orphanage for 315 children and 30 workers, this town contains a school, a church, a bakery, a breeding farm, and a hospital.


■ Co-operating with the Cambodian Methodist Church

The KMC has co-operated with other Methodist Church in the world. Especially, in order to found Cambodian Methodist Church, the KMC, the United Methodist Church, the Swiss Methodist Church, the Singaporean Methodist Church and other Methodist Church in some countries mainly speaking Chinese worked together. Now, the Cambodian Methodist Church consists of 180 churches and 10,000 members.