General Board of Administration and Finance

Acting General Secretary

Lay Elder, Chang-Whan Choi


  • Tel: (02) 399-4310

  • Fax: (02) 399-4323

  • URL: Website

Legal holding Body is the executive office of headquarters’ administrative works and management of the juridical foundation of the Korean Methodist Church.

It is organized into the following five departments:


1. Department Of Property Management

  • Acquisition, disposal, transfer and registration of all church properties.
  • Construction of church buildings.
  • Registration of church vehicles and provision of group insurance.
  • Handling of all church legal affairs.


2. Department Of Property Development

  • Management and development of basic property and unregistered properties.
  • Handling of all income generat4d from denominationally owned business.


3. Department Of Building Management

  • Management of facilities and arrangement of leases.
  • Building income.
  • Supervision of utility service companies.


4. Department Of Accounting

  • Legal holding body financial accounting and providing business report to the government.
  • Handles annuities and medical insurance service for pastors and church personnel.


5. Department Of pension

  • Gathers pension payment and contributions
  • Provide pension both to retired pastors and to the widows and families of the late pastors.


6. Department Of Social Welfare

  • Aged person care(Retired Pastors)
  • Women in Need Care
  • Synthetic Social Welfare


7. Department Of Secretary & Adminstration

– program plan and control
– issue certificate and official reports
– preparation worship and conference