Laity and Social Services



works_img22■ Lay Week

The KMC announced the last week of May as Lay Week and the first Sunday June as Lay Sunday. These are for refreshing their belief and reminding their calling.



■ Textbooks and School for Laity

Three associations(National Association of Korean Methodist Men, Korean Methodist Women’s Society for Christian Service, and National Association of Korean Methodist Young Adult Mission) in co-operation publish a textbook arranged by subjects for monthly meeting. Also, Theological school for laity was established to help constructing lay theology and learning how Christians can accomplish their Christian mission and social service.


works_img23■ Lay Spiritual Training

The KMC provides training programs which are necessary for being faithful, working for the body of Christ, encountering social responsibility, fulfilling the duty of sharing, and serving Korean society.



works_img24■ Voluntary Worker Education and ‘Dreaming Tree’ Spiritual Training

The KMC provides training programs for voluntary workers in more actively participate in social service activities, organizing the council for voluntary workers, and setting up a network to connect them with local social service centers.

The KMC supplies youths with spiritual training for voluntary works. This is for youths growing up in Christian faith.
This training programs have been more effective by means of connecting with school systems acquiring social service records.



works_img25■ Raising Fund for Disasters and Supporting Disaster Areas

The KMC raises funds for disaster areas and sufferers in other countries as well as Korea, and sends voluntary workers to disaster areas. Currently, the KMC aided the sufferers by the tidal wave in South west Asia driven by an earthquake(Tsunami), the forrest fire in Gangwondo Korea, the earthquake in Pakistan, and the storm in New Orleans(Katrina).



works_img26■ Helping Neighbors in Poverty

The KMC is under a clear obligation to the isolated and sufferers. The KMC supports following centers and homes in many aspects as much as possible: Gongju Custody Prision, Bethel House for Homeless, Home for the aged, Home for the Retired, Youth Home, Kyungnam Consultant Center for Immigrant Workers.




works_img27■ ‘Let Life Live’ Movement

The KMC always appeals to people for blood and organ donor. The KMC acknowledges the significance of Hospice care and hopes that people seeing the end of life in this world have more beautiful moments and belief on the Kingdom of Heaven.




works_img28■ Social Welfare

There are 78 Methodist social welfare organizations and 137 welfare foundations. And 499 social establishments are managed by individual Methodist churches.