National Association of Korean Methodist Men


This association originated from Epworth League in 1897. In the year of foundation, five branches were opened. During the time of the Japanese occupation, the association participated in independence movements, national Enlightenment, and modernization in Korea. The association developed into ‘The Association of Male Methodist’in 1964.

Then, it was re-organized as the present association in 1979. The membership is for people aged more than 46. It consists of 197 district
offices, 5000 branches in the individual churches, and 300,000 members. The main tasks of the association are prayer movements for spiritual growth, co-operation with other Methodist associations, improvement of lay leadership, international missions, and national reunification.


  • President: Lay Elder. Kim, Choul Joong
  • Website:
  • Office: 16th Fl. Methodist Building, 149 Sejongdaero, Jongno, Seoul, Korea 03186
  • Tel: (02) 399-3947
  • Fax: (02) 399-4350