Methodist Youth / Young Adult Fellowship in Korea

Methodist youth movement also originated from Epworth Youth Groups in 1897. The fellowship was established in 1978 when the winter mission Conference ‘History, Youths, Jesus’was held. It now has 28 branches in local districts and 7 branches in Conferences.

The fellowship works for setting up Asian Methodist network, publishing Bible study textbook, national Methodist youth conference, youth peace camp, and youth Sunday Service.

And it also activates the committee for research/advertisement, education, peaceful national reunification, females, and international co-operation. All of these are for leading the movements of reconciliation and peace as represented by ‘Linking Human String’in 1993,‘ Jubilee Conference’in 1995.


  • President: Park, Eun Jin
  • Website:
  • Office: 13th Fl. Methodist Building, 64-8 Taepyungro 1-Ga, Junggu, Seoul, Korea 100-101
  • Tel: (02) 399-2086
  • Fax: (02) 399-2199