Publication and Magazines

■ The Christian Times

works_img35‘The Christian Times’ (Established in 1995) is a weekly newspaper reporting Korean Christianity and world Christianity based on company mottoes(Love, Mission and Unity). The paper was initially printed as 12 pages newspaper which is now 24 pages. It also has 10 branches in the Conferences, Conference reporters, and correspondents in Pan-American Conference of the Korean Methodist Church.

■ The Newspaper with Citizens

works_img36As a newspaper with citizens, the Christian Times published two special editions for the FIFA’s World Cup and distributed them at Methodist Building in Kwangwhamun, Seoul City Hall, and Sang Am Football Stadium where a great number of people support Korean national football team.

■ Newspaper in Cyberspace

works_img37The internet newspaper of the Christian Times has updated everyday since 2004. This internet newspaper includes some contents of moving pictures and voices

■ Kidokgyo Saegae(The Christian World)

works_img38Originated from Methodist Newsletter in 1933, ‘The Christian World’ is a monthly magazine which has been published 912th editions so far by KMC Press. It contains a great amount of Christian information and the presentation of various Christian thoughts for ministers and laity in the age of requiring changes.

It also informs new Methodist church policies and church
activities, and always welcomes any participation such as opinions, discussions, dialogue, and even arguments.

■ Kangdam gwa Mokhoe(Sermon and Church Ministry)


KMC Press(Old board of Communication and Publication ) bimonthly publishes this source book for church ministers. It includes sermons and Bible study texts matching with ecclesiastical calendar and a series of introduction of recent theological discussions.

This journal is designed to be used by ministers in all aspect of church ministry such as preaching by seasons, programs, Wednesday Bible study, and church events and activities in each week and month.

■ Hanul Yangsik(Spiritual Meal from the Heaven) and
Home Service Movement

works_img40Since 1980 Hanul Yangsik has been published for home Service. It provides the scripts of home worships for everyday including hymns, prayer, and short sermons. This is also in use in hospitals, schools, work places, and prisons.

■ KMC Press and Publishing Books

works_img41Belonging to the board of Communication and Publication, the KMC Press publishes monographs on Christian Studies including Christian culture, education, doctrines, theology, and mission. It also publishes translated version of Christian classics, masterpieces, and works attained an international refutation. Annually, the press produces about 20 books.

■ Serving Individual Methodist Churches

works_img43Every year, the KMC produces and sells calendars, personal diary, and official forms for Methodist documents containing ritual color, Methodist anniversary dates, and ecclesiastical calendar.

The calendar has five different formats with various illustrations in relation to contextualization of Christianity in Korea, world Christian heritages, and Korean Methodist identity.

There are a huge amount of resources on a compact disc for sale which includes evangelical leaflets, shorts films, church music, and rhythmic dance.

■ KMC Home Page is the official home page address of the KMC in cyber space. Since 2002, it has been a cyber community for Methodist communication and cyber place to obtain information, news, document service, and even advertizement.

The home page is linked with KMC Press, the Christian Times, Annual  Conference home pages, other Methodist churches websites, and some other networks. The medium number of daily visitors is 1500 people and the sum of total visitors reaches to 400 millions so far.