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The KMC Publication establishes the policy for the publication and the supply of the bulletin of the Korean Methodist Church, other teaching materials, books and print. It also forms the practice plan to carry out the policy efficiently, appraises them. Besides, it analyzes the result of the practice plan.


1. The Christian World Department :

We publish the representative bulletin of the Korean Methodist Church, “The Christian World”, which prints 5,000 copies monthly and has about 4,500 subscribers. The monthly journal informs the Korean Methodist Church about the policy of each board, introduces organizations or churches that have done the social missionary work and services.

It illuminates what the expert interpret movement of the Christian community, occurrence or a matter of concern from the viewpoint of gospel, theology.


2. Publication Department :

We publish the teaching material and programs that are required by mission, theology, education. It also offers them. It is the practical department which produces the mission work books, the material to establish subjectivity, ministry work books, the dogma commentary, a commission publication, various publicity booklet.


3. Editorial department

We publish a brochure through planning, editing, and production management of all of our publications.