Mission Activities


■ The One Million Believers Movement

The One Million Believers Movement from 2017 has been a movement for doubling Korean Methodists. The WMC Convention in 2006 was the chance informing widely of Korean Methodism .  it was a great opportunity to celebrate the Grace of God.



■ The Mission for the Korean Military

works_img03The KMC is a leading church of the mission for the Korean military. Majority of army chaplain candidates are Methodists. Methodist army chaplains and ministers are doing their best in their mission station in the Korean military.



■ M-Project

works_img04This is a project for financially non-independence churches. The selected participating churches are supported for 20 months and going to be role model churches.


■ Holsamo’s Children Training

works_img05Holsamo means the widows of passed away Methodist ministers. This is a program for their children. The picture was taken at the visit of Maebong church, the memorial church of Ryu, Gwan Soon of the children.




■ Methodist Christmas Service with Leukaemia and Children Cancer

works_img06Every year, Methodist Christmas Service has held by the KMC in front of the KMC building in Kwangwhamun with immigrant workers(2003), differently abled persons(2004), children suffering with leukaemia and cancer. Last year, especially, the KMC donated a bus called ‘The Bus of Hope’to publicize the urgency of leukaemia and children cancer.



■ The Mission for Countryside

works_img07The fast industrialization and urbanization caused the decrease of population in countryside. The homes and churches in countryside are having many difficulties. The countryside mission is a continuous mission of the KMC. The KMC even established a committee for countryside mission and training center for countryside mission.



■ The Mission for Natural Environment

works_img08The KMC is actively participating environmental movements. Christian Solidarity for Natural Environment, a NGO, is operated by many Methodists participants. The picture was taken at the Convention for the Mission of Natural Environment this year.




■ Shumtou(Shelter)

works_img09This establishment is a home for runaway boys/girs, homeless, and the isolated. They can have free meals and time for relaxation spiritually and mentally. Runaway boys/girls can meet consultants and find many kinds of assistants.




■ Hatssal(Sunshine) Center

works_img10Hatssal Center is a KMC project for helping old ladies who were either comport women for Japanese soldier or previously married American soldiers. They live together, depend on each other, and even cure each other in this center. The picture shows that they are having Art therapy.