General Board of Education

General Secratary

Dr. Rev. Do -Bum Kim

The board is organized into four major departments, which carry out the following programs and responsibilities.


1. The Department of Church Education

  • Develops retraining programs and training materials for church-school teachers.
  • Develops and implements programs in church-school teachers training and correspondence education curriculum development.
  • Publishes teaching materials and a monthly magazine entitled “Faith and Education”.
  • Develops program and textbook for church kindergarten education.
  • Conducts seasonal bible school and educational leadership training in cooperation with the United Association of Church Schools.


2. The Department of Adult & Cultural Education

  • Develops training programs for Class Meeting leaders and publishes 100,000 copies of the Class Meeting textbooks each year.
  • Develops District Bible School program and textbooks.
  • Develops Church Stewardship Training programs and training materials.
  • Carries out programs related to education of new believers and church officers.
  • Publishes discipleship and Bible education related study materials.
  • Cooperates with CBS “Methodist Hour”.
  • Works cooperatively with various youth organizations and the Youth/Youth Adult Fellowship.


3. The Department of Higher Education & Ministry

  • Develops and implements continuing education for pastors and evangelists,
  • Conducts research and studies related to ministry planning and administration.
  • Develops theological education policies.
  • Works with campus deans and chaplains and at Korean Methodist related instituitions (53 Secondary schools, 3 colleges and 3 theological seminaries).
  • Directs campus ministry and administration of scholarships.


4. Educational Training Center :

  • Develops training and camp programs for churches and carries out those program that are related.
  • Administers Educational Training Centers.