Spiritual Training Center

정승희 목사


Rev. S. H. Jung

This center makes and carries out the plans for educational training.

Illyoung Center runs programs such as elders education, spiritual training, ‘Walk to Emmaus’ project, the office of Doctor of Ministry program, minister education, lay education, ecumenical movements, and some international programs.

Ipsuk Center participates in Sandol alternative school, supplies some
activities for local ministers, organize local associations, and set up health programs….

Ilyong Center

  • Rev. Cho, Sunghwan(Director)

  • Tel: (031) 855-8011

  • Fax: (031) 855-7085

YipSuk Camp

  • Rev. KIm, young Joo(Director)

  • Tel: (031) 593-6166

  • Fax: (031) 594-3135

  • URL : Website